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Collexia Treatment

Collexia is an electrical brand from Italy. It’s first launch in the UK is the Collexia Professional CHP Hair Dryer, a revolutionary new dryer that is completely different to anything else on the market.CHP stands for Cosmetic Hair Program as the Collexia hair dryer is designed to be used with a conditioning treatment.The powerful 2000W Collexia dryer cuts drying time by up to 50% and the most exciting part about the Collexia hair dryer is that a treatment pod can be attached, as you dry your hair the treatment is applied throughout the drying process. There are two types of pods, Beauty, is made up of silk proteins and the mulivitamins and proteins provided by MultiVitamComplex enhance the beauty of normal and thick hair. Repair has the structuring properties of Keratin combined with the multivitamins and proteins provided by MultiVitaComplex to give body to fragile and chemically treated hair.

The Collexia hair dryer is powered by a dual motor featuring two separate fans so that increases the power, which cuts down the drying time, the treatments gently coat the lengths with keratin based or protein formula during the drying process for a perfect finish. The technology works with a process call Thermo Activation the hot air created by the Collexia hair dryer comes in to contact with the pod which is specifically designed to constantly and slowly release active ingredients including vitamin B6, panthenol and wild rose extract from the pod, evenly diffusing them onto the hair during drying.The collexia treatments are a fantastic and easy way to condition your hair and see real results instantly, the treatments are only £5.00 on top of you normal cut and finish or styling service. You can also purchase the Collexia hairdryer to use at home for £125.00
Also review our hair dryers from Collexia to see which one is the best for you and your personal requirements.


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