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Diffusers : Your Natural Hair, or Enhanced

Hair dryer diffusers are essential for encouraging hair’s natural texture and curl, and preventing frizz in all hair types. Drying with a diffuser is like air-drying, only quicker and with more control. Diffusers let you create soft styles while working with your hair’s natural texture and keeping it healthy.
The concept is simple: Diffusers spread air through small holes and distribute it over a wider surface area than your standard hairdryer nozzle. The result is a gentler blow dry that minimizes the risk of damage and allows hair to dry as it would naturally, though faster. Read on for more information and then check out the Dryer-Diffuser Chart to see which tools work together.

Diffuser Benefits:

  • Decreases frizz and maximizes shine
  • Defines curls or waves
  • Encourages natural texture
  • Adds body
  • Minimizes risk of damage

Typically diffusers are a few inches in diameter and bowl-shaped with prongs (“fingers”) that extend from the center. These separate hair and allow it to dry in virtually untouched sections. Curls are springier and natural texture is free to do what it does naturally. Some diffusers are soft and shaped like socks. All diffusers attach to the end of your hairdryer and can be used alone or in combination with brushes or styling tools.
Rather than the smooth, straight, blown- or brushed-out look that a standard dry delivers, diffusers allow your hair’s natural wave pattern to emerge.

How To ‘Do

Step 1: On towel-dried hair, apply your product of choice. (For encouraging curls and waves, we like leave-in conditioners, serums, gels or mousses.)

Step 2: Attach diffuser to your hair dryer and adjust setting to a low temp (or cool if you prefer). Lower temperatures are gentler on hair and will reinforce all of the benefits of using the diffuser (closed cuticle for more shine, less frizz and more natural texture).

Step 3: Start at the scalp and in a circular motion, very slowly massage hair with the diffuser’s fingers. Or, if you’re using a diffuser without fingers, cradle hair gently in your hand.

Step 4: Work your way toward the ends, using the diffuser to scoop hair toward the scalp. Hold each section in place for several seconds before releasing and moving on to the next.

Step 5: To lock in your style, mist all over with hairspray and then give a shot of cool air.

Styling Tip: Let your diffuser’s fingers do the walking. The less you touch your hair during the drying process, the better the result will be..

P.S. Even more important than your diffuser is the hair dryer behind it. For more information about hair dryers and the difference a professional hair dryer will make for your hair, check out our Hair Dryer Buying Guide.

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