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Hair Dryer Buying Guide

The best hair dryers reviewed for you

Blow dryers, or hair dryers,  call them what you want, are one of the standard tools of beauty professionals. As a beauty expert, you know that when a customer leaves your salon, she may need help with home styling. Helping a customer find an excellent hair dryer that fits her needs can be challenging. Without a good hairdryer, or best hairdryer, many cannot achieve that salon “look” a home. Helping your client choose the best hair dryer, though challenging, requires a little research to make good recommendations.

With a myriad of choices, what makes a good hair dryer? Again, it doesn’t have to be a daunting encounter. Looking over product reviews and talking with your clients can help them select a good hair dryer. And, this standard hair styling device has evolved. So, how do you help a client decide, “What is the best hair dryer?”

There are four basic types of hair dryers to choose from: standard hair dryers , ionich air dryers, tourmaline hair dryers, and ceramic hair dryers. So, which type is best? Your clients will want to consider their budget, and power needs. Many of the dryers have an economy or a professional version. Once clients decide on what hair dryer is best to buy, then it’s a matter of use. Clients may need help in finding dryers that fit a heavy travel schedule or fit a very active daily schedule. The latter means a customer washes their hair repeatedly. So, they will need a dryer that can handle frequent use.

On this site you fill find a list of what we have found to be the top rated hair dryers overall. These are the best all around hair dryers. Further below you will find a discussion of various hair dryer types. We have also rated the best hair dryers according to the category they fall in.

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