HAIR GUIDE / HAIR CARE & STYLING CURLING Which hair dryer, will in the next few weeks also be offering our new salon services, so if you need to rush hair done quickly, or if you are looking for hair straightener! , even hair curlers. Basically any hair products, even the best hair dryer will be here, as well as best travel hair dryer. If you need a clothes dryer then you are in the wrong place.


Rollers can be used to enhance your hairstyle in different ways. They can give your hair more curl or wave, control curls and frizz, provide more body and lift, or smooth and soften.


The best rollers for your hair are those that are smooth or foam-covered without spikes or velcro-like coverings. Rollers with spikes and velcro coverings can tangle your hair and are also difficult to remove without causing some breakage or pulling hair out from thefollicle.


Try not to wrap your hair in rollers too tightly – this frequently causes breakage andtraction hair loss. If you have fine, limp hair, you might think that a tighter style will last longer. While this is partially true, it can be very damaging to your hair, leading to hair thinning and less volume over time.

Don’t sleep with rollers in your hair, as this is even more likely to cause damage and traction loss. The rubbing of your hair between rollers and pillow during the night pulls on your roots and can cause severe tangling.


Curlers are similar to rollers, but are used less often, except in permanent wave kits. If you like using curlers, the old-fashioned type made of felt-wrapped pliable wires are best. Your hair is wrapped around one end and the other end is twisted back over to keep it in place. With modern curlers, your hair is wrapped around the center and then held in place with a clip.

If you use the modern form of curler, be careful that the clip is not too tight, and again, remember not to roll your hair too tightly and not to over-dry with a hairdryer.

foam rollers are gentler on your hair

foam rollers are gentler on your hair


Heated rollers are a convenient and quick way to style your hair. They should be used after you have shampooed, or on dry hair between washes to freshen up your style. As with other heated styling aids, do not overuse them; this can result in dry and split hair.

The following methods will help you minimize damage to your hair when using heated rollers:

  • Choose steam-producing, temperature-controlled rollers.
  • Use heated rollers after shampooing and conditioning your hair.
  • If you need to use them between shampoos, you can protect the ends of your hair with a little tissue paper before putting them in.
  • Heated rollers tend to be heavy and bulky, so take care not to leave them in for too long.
  • Do not roll your hair too tightly.

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