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Health and Safety

Our aim is to work in partnership with you to create beautiful hair, whilst ensuring at all times the absolute safety of you, your staff and all your clients. We invest in product development to create new innovative products with safety always in mind. These products, when used according to the safety instructions, alongside recommended best practice at all times in your salon, will help ensure not only best results, but the safest environment
for everyone. Hair colourants can cause a severe allergic reaction, which in certain rare cases may be severe for you and your client. It is therefore essential to follow these precautions:

Wear suitable disposable gloves during the preparation, application and rinsing of the product.

  •  DO NOT USE a hair colourant product if:
    • Your client has ever experienced a reaction to hair colourants in their life.
    • Your client has a rash on their face or a sensitive, itchy or damaged scalp.
  • Colouration products are not intended for use on persons under the age
    of 16 years.
  • Check for tattoos and permanent make-up;
  • Black henna tattoos: Check with your client, if he/she has ever had, even once, a black henna tattoo as he/she may have become allergic without knowing it. Do not use this colouration product unless you have done the allergy alert test 48 hours before use.
  •  If your client has had an allergic reaction to any type of skin tattoo, including henna or permanent make-up, the risk of allergy may be greater.

Download the special health and safety guide now, it has all the steps in detail for your success.



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