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Welcome to which hair dryer.co.uk

Welcome to whichhairdryer.co.uk

Are you looking for the best hair dryer, hair dryer reviews or the best hair dryer 2014? I bet you are. If you’ve ever been browsing through online reviews or shopping for a hair dryer then you’re absolutely sure that it’s almost overwhelming with the vast hair dryer models available. How do you know what will work best for your hair?

Do you judge the model by the brand name?

Perhaps by its looks?

How about the price?

There are a number of important factors to consider before buying the best blow dryer for your hair.

Stylists’ skill is highly determined by how good their tools are, and a hair dryer is a crucial gadget for nearly any hairstyle. Today’s dryers offer a bounty of options, all promising healthy soft, shiny hair. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to find a blow dryer that is not designed with ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline technology.

Ceramic heating elements generate even, radiant heat. this helps dimnish damage from excessive heat. This feature becomes increasingly important if you blow-dry your hair again and again.

Ionic hair dryers generate negatively charged ions. This lessens static caused by positive ions. These negatively charged ions also aid in sealing the cuticles, expediting drying and leaving hair smoother.

Correspondingly, some hair dryers rely on the innovative tourmaline technology to “boost” the ion output. About.com’s geology guide Andrew Alden demonstrates that tourmaline certainly does have some electrostatic qualities, but he’s not convinced these can be used to improve hair dryer results.

There are other factors to consider while looking for the best hair dryer. Although wattage is often included in product descriptions, we found it wasn’t much of a factor among the dryers included in this report. Theoretically, a higher-wattage dryer is more powerful and effective. Another feature to consider includes a cool-shot button, which helps set a style in place. Noise and weight varies in importance based on each individual’s needs.

If you’re thinking of possessing a travel hair dryer, then features like weight and size become significantly more important to reviewers. Voltage as well is a decisive feature to look for, as travelers who go abroad will need to switch adapters for voltage and pin changes.

Allure, InStyle, Redbook, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Self magazines contributed with crucial insight from experts in the beauty field; we also browsed countless hair-based websites for user and expert reviews to provide you with some juicy content and easy to use reviews. Finally, we looked to Amazon.com, TotalBeauty.com, MakeupAlley.com, Drugstore.com and other consumer-review sites to find real owners’ favorite models.

The bottom line

To compare hair dryers can be overwhelming at first. There is no end to the type of hair dryers your clients can purchase. New technology gives customers greater control and styling. The newest dryers can increase shine, smooth frizzy hair and impart more body to hair. Clients have the option of choosing from standard, ionic, tourmaline, and ceramic dryers. How to choose a hair dryer that’s best for a customer? Choosing a hair dryer depends on their budget, their lifestyle and their needs. Some of the styling tools varying in drying power. Keep in mind their choice of the best hair dryer will be as unique as their styling needs.

The good news is you did well check out our best hair dryer reviews and models along with their features and reviews.


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