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Introduction to hair dryers

A hair dryer is an essential tool, whether you’re simply looking to blow dry your hair as fast as possible, or wanting to style as you dry. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a dryer that will suit your needs.

Which hair dryer is best for you?

Curling tongsStandard DC hair dryer

Standard DC motor dryers are generally lightweight and give good all round hair drying performance everyday.

Curling tongsSalon performance AC hair dryer

For a true salon blow dry choose an AC motor dryer. AC dryers are used in salons and have a powerful airflow which dries hair quickly. They’re generally heavier than DC hairdryers because of the larger, more powerful motor, but they also have a longer life.

Curling tongsDiffuser attachment dryer

To enhance natural curls, use a hairdryer with diffuser. The attachment diffuses the airflow, gently drying the curls, rather than blowing them out, an ideal hair care accessory.

Curling tongsTravel hair dryers

Much more portable than other models, travel hairdryers are lightweight and have a foldable handle for easy storage.

Curling tongsDryer hoods

Hair dryer hoods are ideal for setting your hairstyle, choose an easy travel version or a more permanent model.

Hair dryer jargon buster

This guide explains some of the features to look for when choosing your new hairdryer.

Ceramic hair dryer Helps give balanced heat distribution.
Heats and speeds The more heat and speed settings a dryer has, the more control you have over the airflow that is produced, so you can select the option that suits your need. For initial rough drying you may want a hotter, faster airflow, but as the hair dries you may want to reduce the heat. For styling, you generally want a reasonable heat with a slower airflow speed.
Ionic hair dryer An ionic system releases a stream of balancing ions to eliminate static and frizz, and enhance the hair condition to give a smooth, shiny finish.
Retractable cord Power cord rewinds inside the dryer for safe, tidy storage at the touch of a button.
Wattage The wattage gives a guide to the power of the dryer. The higher the wattage, the more heat the dryer produces.
Worldwide voltage Dryers with worldwide voltage can be used for travel and will maintain optimum performance anywhere in the world.

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