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Ionic Hair Dryer Reviews

Ionic Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

Hair dryers in general, were unchanged from the mid-20th century until the early 2000s. The introduction of ionic technology as an alternative to hair drying was significant. The best ionic hair dryers have what you come to expect in hair dryers. They also dry hair from the inside out reducing harm from heat damage.This factor alone makes these dryers a good recommendation for hair care professionals.

Ion-based styling tools work by using negative ion particles to dry hair. For your clients, this means their hair dries from the inside out. The process reduces the size of water molecules and causes faster evaporation. The process also seals water to curls. Prior to the technology’s introduction, heat was the only means of drying hair. Heat drying tended to parch the hair and leave hair somewhat lifeless. The ionic process actually strengthens the hair and makes it shinier. It also makes hair smoother and gives it more body.

Again, ionic blow dryers are popular due to their ability to dry hair with minimal heat. As some ionic hair dryer reviews will mention, the process is said to be healthy for hair. As with others of its type, ionic dryers come in versions for home use and for salon use. Ionic technology spawned another hair dryer category— tourmaline hair dryers—which also enjoy popular use. Tourmaline dryers emit even more ions and are thought to be more effective. As a result there are many models that combine both. With a variety of alternatives, clients can choose a dryer that best fits their needs.

At consumer and beauty sites, reviews for this type of hair dryer are very complimentary. Browse our site closer to look at top rated models.

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