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Parlux 3200 Compact Hair Dryer Black Flower best parlux hairdryer

The best parlux hairdryer 3200 compact hair dryer in black flower features the new revolutionary 1900 watts ‘K Lamination’ motor which is lighter, more durable and very powerful. It is...

4_5 stars

Gamma Piu 3500 Tormalionic Hair Dryer Lilac

Gamma Piu: the best professional tools used by hair stylists all over the world. These products are specifically designed to meet all drying, smoothing and styling needs. Gamma Piu has well over 30...

3_5 stars

Hello Kitty KT3052M 1875 Watt Hair Dryer by HELLO KITTY BEAUTY

Pros:Separate heat settings: Detachable styling nozzle 1875 Watts for faster drying speed Cons:None! The Bottom Line: Drying your hair can be a tedious and time consuming task. The Spectra Hello...

3 stars

Parlux 385 BLACK Hair Dryer Powerlight Ceramic Ionic

Professional parlux hair dryer review, really good quality ceramic hair dryer. FREE Brush with this model of Parlux Dryer. Limited time offer! quick get it before its gone. Vast research conducted by...

5 stars

Parlux 3800 Ceramic avd Ionic Edition Eco Friendly Hair Dryer Red

Another great parlux hair dryer reviewed by us. The Parlux hair dryer 3800 eco friendly hair dryer in red includes a sophisticated patent pending built-in silencer designed specifically to reduce...

4 stars

Parlux Superturbo 3000 Hair Dryer

Really pleased with it. Just reviewed a kodo before which was fantastic, but this knocks the socks of that . Would have liked another but they appear not to make them anymore . The Parlux hair dryer...

5 stars

Parlux 3800 Ceramic and Ionic Edition Eco Friendly Hair Dryer Black

I have had a succession of hairdryers over recent years and have really not been happy with any of them….they take too long to dry, are too heavy, too loud, or blast such hot air that you burn...

5 stars