BaByliss 53344U Travel Hair Dryer Review Which hair dryer, will in the next few weeks also be offering our new salon services, so if you need to rush hair done quickly, or if you are looking for hair straightener! , even hair curlers. Basically any hair products, even the best hair dryer will be here, as well as best travel hair dryer. If you need a clothes dryer then you are in the wrong place.

BaByliss 53344U Travel Hair Dryer Review


BaByliss 53344U Travel Hair Dryer Review

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BaByliss 53344U Travel Hair Dryer Review


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Most women put a lot of emphasis on their hair and face and if you are one of those and are looking for a hair dryer that is suitable for in home and travelling purposes but one that can still provide you with salon results the BaByliss 5344U Travel Hair Dryer can be a great choice. The manufacturer is known for making quality beauty products and has lived up to their name according to the hair dryer reviews on this particular model. Read on to find out more about this product and to find out if it is what you have been searching for.

BaByliss 5344U Travel Hair Dryer Description

BaByliss 53344U Travel Hair Dryer ReviewThe BaByliss 5344U Travel Hair Dryer is a powerful dryer with a motor capable of giving 2000 W of power. Despite this it is still lightweight and compact enough to take with you wherever the need to dry and style your hair may arise. Another feature that makes it very ideal for travel is the dual voltage feature which means you can use it in different countries as well. You can adjust it for 240V or for 125V whichever is required and this can easily be adjusted with the screw that is found on the handle.

This ByByliss hair dryer provides you with a way to quickly dry your hair while ensuring you get frizz free results thanks to the concentrator nozzle. Two heat settings along with two speed settings give you versatility not just for drying but also for styling.

The manufacturers have kept it all simple for you and so the BaByliss 5344U Travel Hair Dryer comes with a removable filter at the back of the product. This allows you to do routine maintenance to get rid of any hair or debris that have entered the filter. This means that your hair dryer will last longer adding years to its performance. This also means that you will have the ability to save electricity as a dryer that has debris inside will not operate at optimal levels and will use more electricity.

BaByliss still designs this to last just like their other products and to protect your purchase even more they have included a three year guarantee.

BaByliss 5344U Travel 2000W Hair Dryer Features

  • Powerful 2000W Motor
  • Compact
  • Folding handle
  • Two heat settings
  • Two speed settings
  • Dual voltage adaptor
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Travel storage pouch
  • Three year money back guarantee

Customer Reviews for BaByliss 5344U Travel 2000W Hair Dryer

Customers can’t help but talk about this amazing product and just how it has been helping them to achieve salon quality at home and elsewhere. Some of the feedback form women who have used this product include:

  • “Very pleased with this product, would recommend.”
  • “Excellent product for a travel item.”
  •  “Great value for money.”
  • “A good buy.”

BaByliss 53344U Travel Hair Dryer FoldedOne customer said that she bought the hair dryer for holiday and it was great as it dried her hair in no time due to its 2000w of  power. She said it is really light and takes up a lot less space than her usual hair dryer.  She also said that it is an excellent product for a travel item; it’s small, compact and powerful and can be taken anywhere and used as it even has a styling nozzle.

Another customer said that she bought it to replace her ancient and, now considered huge, travel hairdryer. She said she wanted a high powered one that didn’t feel like it was going to explode with each use, which some of them do! She said she was very pleased that the BaByliss 5344u has a powerful 2000 W motor, a lightweight and stylish design, and more importantly feels like it is going to last the duration. She also noted that apart from that there is room in the carry pouch for a brush and a mini can of hairspray.

A customer exclaimed that she is very pleased with this hair dryer which is lightweight and packs away in its own bag to keep it all together and has a nice long cord just right to stand at the mirror whilst her drying hair.

One gentle man said he bought it for his wife and she thought it was a great little powerful dryer, very light ideal for purpose.

Another gentleman said that he bought this product as a Christmas present for his wife, as her existing dryer was several years old and passed its best. He noted that his wife is very pleased with the BaByliss. It is handy for travelling with and dry’s her hair quick without any problems.

Another customer said that the BaByliss 5344U Travel Hair Dryer is handy as it is powerful and being so compact it is a great little item. They note that it is really a quick dryer that does the job that you would expect from a professional dryer or one that costs more. She loves the fact that it came with a travelling case to make travelling easier and also came with an easy to read instruction booklet. She finished her review by saying that this hair dryer is a definite recommendation to anyone who needs a hair dryer. This hair dryer was exactly what she needed for her trips, says the reviewer!


This product with its small, compact and folding design allows for easy travel and its carrying pouch allows for easy storage.


One customer said that it is not perfect for straightening and that because the fan is not covered at the back. She noted however that you just need to be a bit careful as it is great value for money.


The BaByliss 5344U Travel Hair Dryer reviews highly recommend the product. Its salon quality performance provides fast results, it is compact and powerful with a 2000 W motor for fast and total drying – it is a must have. When compared to other products of a similar nature, BaByliss 5344U Travel Hair Dryer is more affordable, more powerful, much easier for travel and is the product of choice of many happy consumers.

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