BaByliss 5560DU Metallic Purple Hair Dryer Reviews Which hair dryer, will in the next few weeks also be offering our new salon services, so if you need to rush hair done quickly, or if you are looking for hair straightener! , even hair curlers. Basically any hair products, even the best hair dryer will be here, as well as best travel hair dryer. If you need a clothes dryer then you are in the wrong place.

BaByliss 5560DU Metallic Purple Hair Dryer Reviews


BaByliss 5560DU Metallic Purple Hair Dryer Reviews

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BaByliss 5560DU Metallic Purple Hair Dryer Reviews


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The BaByliss 5560DU is one of the contenders for the best hair dryer. This is a very powerful hair dryer with a motor that pushes out 2100 watts. With its purple metallic finish you have style and power in one device. It comes with a nozzle that you would expect to find in a beauty salon and provides users with dramatic results according to their product reviews. With a built in ionic airflow system this dryer conditions hair while it dries to enhance the final look of your hair. With this device you will truly be able to get salon results in your home by yourself says the manufacturer. Read on to find out about this product, here you will find a description of the hair dryer, a list of its features and also some BaByliss 5560DU reviews to help you make up your mind.

BaByliss 5560DU Hair Dryer in Metallic Purple Description

BaByliss 5560DU Metallic Purple Hair Dryer ReviewsThis dryer has a motor that supplies high torque. It is a professional quality device that not only delivers great results but is also very stylish and not to mention sophisticated. The BaByliss 5560DU is the epitome of looks with its metallic high gloss purple finish

The dryer is not only stylish but practical and effective. It allows you to have the performance of a salon quality device. You get high performance and quick results thanks to its 2100 Watt motor. This means your drying time is cut down drastically but at the same time you don’t have to worry about the heat damaging your hair.

You are able to control your drying time to the very end. It features three heat settings along with two speed settings and also a cool shot setting. This gives you a number of variations for drying your hair. You can start with a high heat and speed setting for the initial drying process then you can change to a lower heat and speed setting. To let your warm hair down without burning your skin you need to just initiate the cool shot button which will not only cool your hair but also will allow your hair style to set so that it will last longer. Its ionic technology allows you to get a great shine and you will be able to say good bye to frizz.

They not only thought of how well the product would look and perform, they also had maintenance in mind. So they designed it with a hinged back that allows you to easily clean the device. This means that you can care for it so that it lasts you even longer.

With your purchase of the BaByliss 5560DU you get along with the hair dryer a concentrator nozzle and an instruction booklet.

BaByliss 5560DU Metallic Purple Hair Dryer Features

  • Stylish design
  • Powerful 2100 watt motor
  • Ionic technology
  • Three heat settings
  • Two speed settings
  • Cool shot setting
  • Slim concentrator nozzle featuring airflow vents
  • Hinged rear filter
  • Three year guarantee

Customer Reviews for the BaByliss 5560DU Metallic Purple Hair Dryer

The BaByliss 5560DU reviews are not lacking, if you want to read them all it will take some time. Check out these outtakes of actual reviews before you read the reviews below;

  • “The design is lightweight, so no aching arms as you dry the back of your hair.”
  • “A lovely, practical dryer at a reasonable price.”
  • “Excellent performance and dries hair really quickly.”
  • “Fantastic I love it best hairdryer I have ever owned.”
  • “Sturdy hair dryer in cool purple.”

BaByliss 5560DU Metallic Purple Hair Dryer PositionsOne reviewer; a gentleman, said he purchased the BaByliss 5560DU as a gift for his wife. He said he purchased this one because he wanted her to have a dryer which he could still stay in bed while she had it running and one that works quickly so that she could finish drying her hair and then turn off the noise quicker. He said this one was perfect on both accounts. He said while it is not totally silent it is very bearable. He also notes that it allows him to sleep longer as it dries her hair a lot faster. His wife is very happy with the product and she uses it with great pleasure.

Another user of the dryer said that it is lightweight and so you don’t get the usual aches you would get from using conventional hair dryers especially when doing the back of your hair. They also noted that it was beautifully designed and had a beautiful finish. They also note that it is powerful while not being too hot so that it doesn’t overheat their hair.

One reviewer said the best feature in their opinion is the filter which allows you to remove fluff that gets stuck in the dryer over time. They finished up their review by saying that the dryer is practical and comes at a reasonable price so it is ideal for a gift or for a personal purchase.

One consumer who had a really short review went straight to the point and said that it was a dryer in a great colour with a great design and that came at a great price.


The BaByliss 5560DU is a very powerful yet stylish hair dryer. Reviewers and Users love it because it provides them with great results in a short time.


One reviewer commented that this dryer is too powerful and so it doesn’t work so well for their fine hair.


The BaByliss 5560DU reviews show that the product is really a great product. It is powerful yet beautiful and is designed with the user in mind. If you want to purchase this hair dryer you can be confident knowing that it is a good buy.

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