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Philips HP818317 Hair Dryer review


Philips HP8183/17 Hair Dryer Reviews

Price: £27.00

Philips HP818317 Hair Dryer review


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The Philips HP8183/17 hair dryer is relatively new on the market but it is already making its name. This powerful 2200 W hair dryer has already captured a sizeable number of consumers who attest to its performance and its value for money. This hair dryer is one of the best at getting your hair dry but locking in moisture for sleeker, softer, shinier and smoother hair. It is suitable for use on a number of hair types including coloured hair, fine hair and the driest and most brittle hair without damaging it. The manufacturers don’t only sell you this drier and leave it there as they also provide you with hair care tips and styling tips for using this hair dryer. Read on to find out about the Philips HP8183/17 and to find out if purchasing this hair dryer is for you or not.

Philips HP8183/17 Hair Dryer Description

Philips HP8183-17 Hair Dryer ReviewsThis hair dryer is described by the manufacturer as being the ideal tool for allowing your hair to match your outfit. With your imagination and the Phillips HP8183/17 you can create a hairstyle to match your mood just using your imagination. Whatever style you choose the end results will be shiny hair that is full of moisture.

This hair dryer can be used on all hair types and with its care technology you can rest assured that your hair will not suffer when you use this product. The heat setting can be adjusted so that it is suitable for your hair type.

Use the hairdryer to dry your hair and create volume, body and movement even in fine or damaged hair. Those with fine, coloured or dry hair should use the lower heat setting with continuous air flow. Using a moisture mask on your hair is ideal for those who blow dry more than once per week. You can use mouse if you have fine hair but ensure you don’t use too much, remember the blow dryer has its own conditioning effects.

The rubber hook at the base of the handle of the dryer allows you to conveniently and safely store the dryer and makes it convenient for use at home or in a hotel if on vacation or n overnight a business trip.

Philips HP8183/17 Hair Dryer Features

  • 2200 W motor
  • Ionic condition for soft, shiny hair
  • Cool shot button
  • Turbo boost button
  • 3 heat settings
  • 3 speed settings
  • Slim nozzle
  • 3M long cord
  • 2 year warranty

Customer Reviews for the Philips HP8183/17 Hair Dryer

There are quite a bit of Philips HP8183/17 reviews and reading all of them will be very time consuming. So we have made it easy for you by including a couple outtakes of actual reviews right here.

  • “…I would highly recommend!”
  • “It is as good as a professional dryer and dries well with a good shine finish.”
  • “Does exactly what it should”
  • “Great hairdryer leaves my hair looking silky smooth with an excellent shine.”
  • “AWESOME!!!!”

Philips HP8183-17 Hair Dryer in BoxA reviewer notes that she made her purchase of the Philips HP8183/17 when they were new on the market and she has never regretted it. She states that it leaves her hair smooth and keeps in the moistures while drying the hair quickly. She says this is the best she has ever used and she has even gotten her mother to purchase one as well. She finishes by saying that she highly recommends this product.

One reviewer commented on the dryer being great because of the Turbo boost which allows you to dry your hair even faster even though it does a pretty quick job anyway. She states that it is definitely worth the purchase price and she recommends it.

Another customer notes that they purchased this after reading a lot of reviews online. She says it is the first dryer that she has owned that is so powerful and that dries her hair so quickly. She says it is really professional quality and it adds shine to her hair. She notes that she has very thick hair and with the power of this drier she can have it dry in a couple minutes which before was unheard of. She loves the fact that it has a long cord and a 2 year warranty which she says is a great bonus.

A guy who purchased this for his girlfriend says she is very pleased with it and he gets to sleep longer since it is a lot quieter than her old version.

One reviewer simply stated that he dryer does what it is supposed to and they absolutely love the fact that it has a long cord. She notes that it is not too noisy and so is perfect for home use.

One reviewer says after using the Philips HP8183/17 for a month, they now have smooth and healthy hair. They finish with an enthusiastic “I like it!”

Other reviewers also agree that this product leaves their hair smooth, shiny and silky feeling. They also praise the long cord length and all agree that it is definitely a great purchase being very powerful and capable of giving great salon type results. They note that it has ample heat and speed settings which make its use very versatile. They also note that the price is really great and you get value for money.  Most reviews ended with a recommendation of the product even those that didn’t give it a five star rating. One reviewer also said that every woman should own one of these.


This dryer is very powerful and is probably the most powerful on the market with a motor that pushes out 2200 W. It comes with a lot of settings which makes it a great product.


One reviewer commented that it was a bit on the large and heavy side so they wouldn’t recommend it for travelling. But they still gave it a good review nonetheless.


The Philips HP8183/17 reviews attest to the fact that this is a good buy and a good quality product. Hence we have put our stamp of approval on this hair dryer which comes with a two year warranty so you can purchase it with confidence.

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