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Remington D5020 Pro Ionic Hair Dryer Review


Remington D5020 Pro Ionic Hair Dryer Review

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Remington D5020 Pro Ionic Hair Dryer Review


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The Remington D5020 hair dryer is one of the best hair dryers you can find on the market now. At least that is what you can assume from the Remington D5020 reviews. Consumers who own this product really love it and speak to its powerful professional like performance. If you want healthy and shiny hair in the comfort of your home you should give this a try. This hair dryer not only dries but can also set in curls with the help of the diffusing end and conditions with its ionic technology. Your hair will dry quickly and so it won’t be subjected to the harmful effects of prolonged heat. Read on to find out more about this hair dryer, you will find here its description in more detail along with a list of its features and a good number of Remington D5020 reviews as well.

Remington D5020 Pro Ionic Hair Dryer Description

Remington D5020 Pro Ionic Hair Dryer ReviewThis hair dryer provides the user with truly professional salon results. This is mainly due to the pro ionic properties that allow it to condition your hair as it dries. The result is hair that is healthy, bouncy and silky smooth. If you want bounce and volume simply use the diffuser attachment which is also good for those with curly hair. If you want to straighten use the concentrator which gives you a straight and sleek finish.  Ionic conditioning also means less frizz and fly-aways and no static.

The Remington D5020 features a ceramic Tourmaline grill that ensures that the amount of heat that is coming out the dryer is constant. This means there are no heat spots and so you can worry less about damaging your hair. The anti-static ability also gives you more manageable hair which is something that is of key to persons with thick hair.

It has a powerful motor that pushes a whopping 2100 W of power and with three heat settings you can choose the best one for your hair type. It also has two speed settings that allow you to have the ability to control how fast your hair is dried. If you want to set your style then you can easily use the cold shot button.

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze with the rear grille that can be removed. Cleaning the rear periodically will help you to prolong the life of your dryer. It has a hang loop just like those professional ones so that it can be stored easily and can be reached at a moment’s notice while not taking up much needed shelf space. A long cord gives you the ability to move around the room if necessary while you dry your hair.

With your purchase of the Remington D5020 you get along with the hair dryer; a diffuser, a concentrator and the instruction manual.

Remington D5020 Pro Ionic Hair Dryer Features

  • Powerful 2100 W motor
  • Ceramic Tourmaline Grill
  • Ionic conditioning
  • Three heat settings
  • Two speed settings
  • Concentrator end
  • Diffuser end
  • 2.5 M long cord
  • Three year guarantee

Customer Reviews for the Remington D5020 Pro Ionic Hair Dryer

If the description and features are not enough to help you make up your mind maybe some Remington D5020 reviews will help. In this section you will find just that but before we go into the reviews in detail check out these snippets of what people are saying about the Remington D5020.

  • “A brilliant hairdryer that is great value for money.”
  • “Easy to use and fast drying power”
  • “Nice hairdryer and just the right weight.”
  • “Highly recommended!”

Remington D5020 Pro Ionic Hair Dryer in BoxOne reviewer described the Remington D5020 as being a brilliant item that provided value for money. They love the fact that the cord is very long and note that it leaves their hair very smooth and free of frizz. They also say that it is very easy to use and dries fast due to its powerful motor. They concluded by saying that they love the product.

One lady commented that ever since her hair started to get grey it has gotten coarser and coarser as the grey hairs multiplied. She states that once she was at her daughters and she used a similar Remington on her hair and she was pleasantly surprised to find that her hair felt silky afterwards. As a result of this she purchased this one and is very happy with her purchase and says her hair now looks good as well as feels good even better than it was before her greys.

One reviewer started out by saying they like the weight of the hair dryer as well as the length of the cord. She also noted that the controls were rightly placed and the dryer is very powerful with its three heat settings and two speed settings. She also noted that the cool vs hot function is great and now she doesn’t see drying her hair as such a chore as it used to be with other hair dryers. She says she was somewhat sceptical of the ionic feature but finds that it does work as her hair feels softer, is a lot more manageable and is shinier too. She also went on to say that all the good properties along with the long 3 year warranty period make it a great purchase. She concluded by saying that she is happy with her purchase and that she recommends it.

One reviewer commented on the attributes of the dryer saying it was stylish and sleek. Being a guy he was excited about the Turbo button and says that it dries his hair really fast. He likes the fact that it has interchangeable heads and the cord is so long. He said he has fat fingers so it was a bit hard for him to use the buttons but apart from that he loves the dryer and concluded by saying that is a powerful and all round great hair dryer.

Another reviewer spoke to the looks and the weight of the dryer. They state that it is easy to use and dries hair very fast. They find the controls easy to reach and being left handed they usually have problems with controls on other dryers that are seemingly designed for right handed people. They noted that it is a lot quieter than their previous dryer and also more powerful as well.  She says she highly recommends the dryer and has nothing negative to say about it.


The Remington D5020 is a very stylish and powerful hair dryer; its sports a 2100 W motor and has three heat settings and two speed settings. It comes with an extra-long cord and has attachments for versatility.


In the Remington D5020 reviews were all positive but one individual say they have fat fingers which makes it hard to operate the dryer but he still left it a five star rating. This reviewer was a gentleman so it should not be a problem for ladies.


The Remington D5020 by all indications is a great hair dryer. Along with these positive customer reviews is a three year guarantee that helps you to be confident with your purchase.

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