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Wahl Chrome Ionic Hair Dryer Review

Price: £21.99


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If you are looking for a high powered hairdryer to use in your salon or at home the Wahl Chrome Ionic Hairdryer could be a good buy. If has a powerful 2000 watt motor which makes it ideal for professional or personal use as well. It features three heat settings for different hair types and has a rubber handle that ensures that you don’t get burned even when using the hairdryer at its highest heat settings. Wahl is known for making high quality products and has been rated as the #1 manufacturer of trimmers and clippers so if you’re looking for the best hair dryer then you won’t be disappointed if you choose one that is made by Wahl.

Wahl Chrome Ionic Hairdryer Description

Wahl Chrome Ionic Hair Dryer ReviewWahl has been manufacturing professional devices for the hairdressing industry since 1911. With the expertise that they have garnered over the years there is no reason you should doubt one of their products. When it comes to the Wahl Chrome Ionic Hairdryer you are getting the best – which is what you have become accustomed to from the manufacturers. They allow you to receive salon quality results in your home with their entire line of products including this hair dryer.

With your purchase of the Wahl Chrome Ionic Hair dryer you get the dryer unit, a diffuser head and a concentrator nozzle.

Wahl Chrome Ionic Hair Dryer Features

  • Lightweight
  • 2000W motor
  • Three heat settings
  • Continuous ionic action
  • Two speed settings
  • Cool shot button
  • Removable air filter
  • Chrome barrel
  • Rubber handle
  • Hanging loop
  • 2.8 metre cord

Consumer Reviews for the Wahl Chrome Ionic Hair Dryer

Consumers have a lot to say about this hair dryer and we know their opinions are important to your purchase decision. So here are a couple things they have to say followed by a number of Wahl Chrome Ionic Hair Dryer reviews.

  • “I’m very happy”
  • “Excellent product”
  • “I am really pleased with this hair dryer”
  • “This hair dryer is just perfect and a great bargain on top”
  • “Overall I would recommend to other people”

One reviewer states that though they have only had the Wahl Chrome Ionic Hairdryer for a month they find that it is a really great product. She said the first time she used it she got a lot of compliments on her hair. She finished off her review by saying that she is happy with her purchase.

Another consumer started their review by calling the hair dryer an excellent product. They also noted that it was a lot more quite than the hair dryer they had owned previously and finds that it dries their hair pretty quickly. They say that they find the hair dryer to be amazing and also say that it is a must buy as it comes at a great price.

One reviewer commented that she is very pleased with the dryer and how lightweight it is. She is glad for the diffuser which makes it useful for her curly hair and also states that it dries the hair pretty quickly. They noted that this was true even in her thick hair and what is best of all is that she was able to dry her hair with fewer frizzes. She loves the fact that it isn’t so big and so can be easily carried around if you need to go on vacation or on an overnight business trip etc.

One other reviewer agreed that this dryer is indeed a bargain at the price. She also said that the dryer is perfect, light and easy to use while being very powerful and drying hair quickly without burning her hair. She also states that she was able to feel the difference caused by the ionic function. She says her hair now feels a lot softer and silkier than it used to and she finds that the diffuser is good as well. She finished by saying she was getting hairdresser results at home and so she definitely recommends the Wahl Chrome Ionic Hairdryer.

One individual who wrote a review stated that they were writing it on behalf of their friend as well as themselves. On behalf of their friend they noted that the user said they found the dryer to be comfortable and easy to use even when drying the posterior portion of their hair. The individual noted that usually drying that part of the hair is a task but thanks to this lightweight dryer she can do that now quite easily. She also went on to say that it is a bit loud when used on the highest setting but she doesn’t need to use that setting and besides that her old dryer was louder on all settings. They went on to say that they would definitely recommend it to other people. On behalf of herself she said it was a great product from a great company.

One individual started their review by stating how in love they were with the dryer. She said she had a more expensive dryer which broke and she couldn’t afford to replace it. She said she bought it because it was nicely priced and it looked good. She didn’t think that this would be a permanent purchase and just wanted it to use for a couple months until she could afford her much more expensive replacement. Now she notes there is no need for her to purchase another one as this one works just as well as the pricey one she had before. She notes that she loves the rubber handle and the fact that it provides the user with a constant ionic flow. She said it looks great but also is built well, not too light and not heavy at all. She went on to say that she is yet to find a con with the product. She noted that her hair is very long – all the way down to her waist and she is still able to dry in quickly with this dryer. She went on to say that she did not have the problem of the nozzle falling off as other reviewers had said and finishes her review by saying this is an excellent purchase.


The Wahl Chrome Ionic Hairdryer has a professional quality motor that pushes 2000W and has a professional length cord. The Ionic barrel and the removable air filter are all reasons it is among the best.


Users note that it is loud when used on the highest setting but it’s a hair dryer so it cannot be quietly run.


The Wahl Chrome Ionic Hair Dryer reviews show that the company is still in the business of making quality products at affordable prices. This hair dryer runs in keeping with the good name that Wahl has established for itself and as such is definitely a good purchase.

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