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Tourmaline Hair Dryer Reviews

Tourmaline Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

Tourmaline is a popular option in hair dryers. Are these hand-helds good for your clients’ hair? And, what’s the best tourmaline hair dryer to recommend to them?

First, customers will need an explanation of tourmaline dryers.This type of dryer uses an ionic system to dry the hair. Ionic? What this system does is reduce drying time by emitting ions. As in traditional ionic dryers, the ions break down water droplets. The ions dry hair by sealing the water to hair strands by reducing water droplets. And, the emissions dry the hair with less heat than traditional dryers.

Tourmaline hair dryers go one step further. They use tourmaline, a gemstone. It generates a higher level of ions. As a result, the hair dries faster. The results are customers get hair that looks smoother and sleeker. Also, this translates to less heat damage and healthier hair.

As with all dryers, you’ll need to help customers consider their lifestyle and usage needs when buying a tourmaline hair dryer. If you have clients who lead a highly active lifestyle or they dry their hair more than once in a day, tourmalines may be for them. Hair types are another consideration. If their hair is fine or thin, an economy tourmaline may be an option. But, if their hair is very long or very thick, then they may need to opt for a professional quality tourmaline. Manufacturers design professional tourmaline hair dryers to handle frequent use and to use higher wattage to dry hair.

We have several hair dryers in this category. They will provide solid performance for your clients.

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