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Travel Hair Dryer Reviews

Travel Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

If your beauty salon patrons need great style while traveling, you may want to suggest a travel dryer. The best travel hair dryer will be lightweight, small-sized and priced for any budget. Below you will find several travel hair dryer reviews.

Again, the best feature of portable hair dryers is their light weight. Now, even with portability, a travel dryer doesn’t have to lack power. There are some models in the category that pack the power of a professional quality dryer. For your patrons this means they can get salon-quality in a small package. Salon quality means the dryer can handle very long hair or very thick hair. Travel dryers employ the newest dryer technologies including ionic, ceramic and tourmaline. Suggesting one of these three features will satisfy a client’s need for reducing heat damage.

Besides being travel sized, your clients may want a dryer that can handle overseas travel. Whether on an overseas business trip or a cruise to an exotic destination, having a dryer that can work in foreign countries is a plus.

The available selection is a downside of this category. Customers needing a battery operated hair dryer or a battery powered hair dryer will have very few options.

Dual Voltage Dryers

Dual voltage dryers are a special sub-group in this category. These dryers work overseas and have built in dual voltage to handle current differences of foreign countries. It eliminates the need to purchase a separate voltage converter for the hair dryer. These converters can run up to £100 depending on how simple or advanced the converter kit is. In addition to converter costs, customers will also need to purchase an adapter. On to our travel hair dryer reviews:

- See more of our reviewed selection of travel hair dryers, some very good offers on at the moment to.

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