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Wall Mounted Hair Dryer Reviews

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

Elite hotels and cruise ships had the first wall mount hair dryers. Besides hotels and cruise ships, spas and health clubs carry these dryers. Are there wall mount hair dryers available for your salon clients?

Although the selection is limited, there are some hotel hair dryers designed for home use. Andis, Sunbeam/Oster, and Conair are the top brands in this category. These dryers are characterized by their compact size. Even though they’re small they are solid, near salon quality hair dryers. These dryers are mid-range meaning they are 1400-1600 watts. Most have built in night lights or night lights are optional. Because they were originally designed for hotel and cruise ship use, these hand helds are generally not as noisy as full sized blow dryers.

One of the best wall mounted hair dryer offerings include several conveniences. It seems logical choice for hotel and cruise ship use where space is a premium. These dryers are usually mounted in the bathroom and come shockproof. The GBC protection is a plus if your customers prep frequently in the bathroom. Your customers will also enjoy installing these hand-helds in convenient locations to fit their needs.

There’s only one drawback for these hair dryers. They lack the latest technology innovations common in full size blow dryers. An examination of wall mounted hair dryer reviews revealed none with ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline features. You have to go to a commercial wall mount to find those technologies. These small hand-helds are electrical. As a result, there’s the risk of heat damage to hair from extended use.

How to help your client choose the best wall mounted hair dryer? While contemporary features like ionic technology is yet to come to wall mount dryers, the selections are still good. To help your customer choose, start with a little research at consumer sites and online retailers. These sites show the latest models available. While on the sites, examine wall mount hair dryer reviews to get an idea of dryer performance. Most of the wall mounts reviewed enjoy favorable ratings. This group’s price point ranges from £25-60. As with all hair dryer purchases, consider your clients’ lifestyles and hair needs.

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